West Lincoln Strategic Growth – Urban Boundary Expansion

In 2016 the Township of West Lincoln Council approved a motion to request the Region of Niagara to allocate greater growth to West Lincoln. The Niagara Region has accepted this request and approved a population target of 29,460 and 9,560 jobs by the year 2041.

This projected growth cannot be accomplished within the current urban boundaries of Smithville. As such, the Township of West Lincoln and the Region of Niagara will need to expand the current urban boundary of Smithville to accommodate the increased growth.

In order to evaluate potential areas for urban boundary expansion, the Township of West Lincoln and Region of Niagara will need to work closely with landowners as they will provide key input throughout the process.

The Urban Boundary Expansion Process will involve many Planning, Environmental and Engineering studies which will require input from the public and affected landowners.

If you missed any of the landowners meetings, please contact the Township of West Lincoln Planning Department at planning@westlincoln.ca or 905-957-3346 to get on the mailing list and to find out more information. We will be also providing the materials shared at these meetings in the links below.

October 24, 2017 Landowners Meeting


Agenda and Information Package

Study Area Maps 

Visioning Public Information Centre – January 30, 2020

Smithville MCP – Visioning PIC Presentation_Jan 30.pdf


PD-159-17 Smithville Urban Expansion Project – Part 3

Urban Boundary Expansion

Hamlet Expansion