Fire Inspections

As part of its mandate, West Lincoln Fire and Emergency Services conducts fire inspections with the goal of promoting fire safety and preventing fires in public building, commercial building, industrial buildings and rental residential buildings.

The Fire Protection and Prevention Act allows an Inspector who is an Assistant to the Fire Marshal to enter and inspect land and premises for the purpose of assessing fire safety without warrant at all reasonable times.  An Inspector may also bring with them anyone he or she considers advisable to assist (police, by-law enforcement, animal control, building inspector etc).  Obstructing an Assistant to the Fire Marshal is an offence under this Act and anyone doing so may be subject to prosecution.

If during an inspection a violation of the Ontario Fire Code is found, the owner of the property will be issued an Inspection Order noting the violation, the corrective action required and a time line to correct the violation.  Failure to correct the violation may result in prosecution.  The maximum fine per violation is $50,000 for an individual or $100,000 for a Corporation and up to one year in prison.  All property owners are expected to know their responsibilities under the Ontario Fire Code and properly maintain all buildings and systems at all times.