2016 Budget March 21st presentation to Council

At its March 29th meeting, the Township of West Lincoln approved its 2016 operating and capital budgets. The Township of West Lincoln’s operating budget of $8,236,030 is supported by a tax levy of $5,558,630. This represents a 5.02% tax increase to the West Lincoln portion of property taxes over 2015.

For an average homeowner with a home assessed at $309,532, their total property tax bill will increase by $47.51 or 1.32%, as the Niagara Region approved a 0% budget increase in December 2015 resulting in an actual decrease to the Regional portion of the tax bill. The Regional portion of the tax bill comprises approximately 54% of the total bill, with the Township comprising 30% and the Education portion being 16%.

The 2016 budget process focused on ensuring that municipal services would be maintained and delivered affordably. The 2016 Operating budget includes enhanced service levels in several departments, including Crossing Guards and Cemeteries. In addition, 2016 will see the formation of new Council committees which will allow Council and Staff to focus additional resources towards items that are of key concern to the Municipality. Council recognized the infrastructure needs of the Township by allocating $4,369,460 towards Capital Projects. The 2016 budget also continues Council’s commitment to addressing future infrastructure and capital replacements through a $211,700 contribution to the Capital Reserve which represents 4% of the tax levy increase. Highlights of the 2016 Capital Budget include:

  •  $920,000 to replace Bridge 12 on South Grimsby Road 6
  •  $1,086,000 to improve Roads and Bridges including Surface Treatment on portions of
         Abingdon Road,Westbrook Rd. and Young St.
  •  $366,000 on Wastewater Infrastructure including $266,000 towards the replacement of the Sanitary 
         Sewer along a portion of Station St.
  •  $93,500 towards park and recreation equipment and facilities
  •  $125,000 towards Public Realm Improvements and Ash Tree Replacement
  •     $416,900 towards replacement of Fire Equipment
  •  $410,000 to replace Road Equipment including a new Tandem Truck

Mayor Douglas Joyner stated, “The 2016 budget reinforces Council’s commitment to addressing the Township’s Infrastructure needs. This is evident in our approval of over $4 million in Capital improvements.” The Mayor also stated, “The formation of new committees to oversee Council initiatives such as Economic Development and Recreational Services will ensure that a strategic focus is placed on key projects and programs. This budget reinforces Council’s objective of making West Lincoln the best place to work, live and play.”