Online Payment Tips – Water

Please note the following when setting up your water account in an online banking application provided by your financial institution:

  •  when selecting a payee name, select the West Lincoln WATER option. For instance, the payee name for West Lincoln may appear in a drop down menu such as “WEST LINCOLN (TOWNSHIP OF) WATER”.
  •  if you receive multiple water bills from the Township you must create a separate payee account for each water bill you receive.  Each Township of West Lincoln water bill has a unique water account number printed on it.
  • the payee account formats can vary between financial institutions. When setting up a payee account, enter the water bill account number as it appears on your Township of West Lincoln water bill including numbers after the decimal however; do not include the decimal as most financial institutions do not allow special characters.

If you encounter problems setting up your online water payments please contact your financial institution.