Online Payment Tips – Tax

Please note the following when setting up your tax account in an online banking application provided by your financial institution:

  •  when selecting a payee name, be sure to select the West Lincoln TAX option. For instance, the payee name for West Lincoln may appear in a drop down menu such as “WEST LINCOLN (TOWNSHIP OF) TAX”.
  •  if you receive multiple tax bills from the Township you must create a separate payee account for each tax bill you receive.  Each Township of West Lincoln tax bill has a unique roll number printed on it.
  • the payee account formats can vary between financial institutions. When setting up a payee account, begin by entering the first 15 digits of the roll number located on your Township of West Lincoln tax bill.  If unsuccessful, repeat the process and incrementally add successive zeros until the payee account registers.

If you encounter problems setting up your online tax payments please contact your financial institution.