Emergency Planning

Are You Prepared?

Emergencies can strike anywhere, at any time.  It’s important to be prepared—by having a plan, assembling a survival kit, and by staying informed.  Everyone must take responsibility for their own safety.  During an emergency, the things we take for granted every day, such as power, heat and access to food and clean water, can be disrupted for an extended period of time.  You need to be able to take care of yourself for three days should an emergency strike.

Click here to visit the Emergency Management Ontario website where you can learn about emergency management, how to plan for an emergency and how to prepare a survival kit.

Township of West Lincoln Emergency Plan

Emergencies are defined as situations, or the threat of impending situations, abnormally affecting the lives and property of our society which by their nature and magnitude require a controlled and coordinated response by a number of agencies, both governmental and private, under the direction of the appropriate elected officials, as distinct from routine operations carried out by an agency or agencies, e.g. firefighting, police, and normal public works and health service activities.

In our increasingly complex and technological society, peacetime emergencies of a man-made nature are on the increase to add to the natural disasters which we have always faced.

Whenever a disaster occurs, which affects the lives and property of citizens, the initial and prime responsibility for providing immediate assistance rests with the local municipal government.  An Emergency Plan is designed to ensure the co-ordination of Municipal and Regional services in an emergency to bring the situation under control as quickly as possible.

It is realized that it may not be possible to follow procedures exactly as laid down and that it might prove necessary to modify arrangements to suit particular circumstances.  However, the procedures should be followed as closely as possible.

All municipal officials of the Township of West Lincoln, whether elected or appointed, must be fully conversant with the contents of the Emergency Plan and be prepared at all times to carry out the duties and responsibilities allotted to them.

The Emergency Plan is reviewed annually and, where necessary, revised by the Emergency Operating Group.

Each time the Emergency Plan is revised, it must be forwarded to Council for approval.  However, revisions to the annexes and minor administrative changes can be made without resubmitting the plan to Council each time.

It is the responsibility of each person, agency, service or department named within this emergency plan to notify the Emergency Co-ordinator forthwith of any revisions to the annexes, or administrative change.

Click here to view the Township’s Emergency Plan