Official Plan

The Township of West Lincoln Official Plan is a document containing goals, objectives, and policies to manage and direct future growth and development of the municipality. The policies outlined in the Official Plan relate to the goals and guide land use to ensure that future growth is managed in a way that preserves, protects and enhances the irreplaceable attributes of the Township. The local Official Plan must also implement the broader policies of the Regional Policy Plan and Provincial Policy.

It should be noted that the majority of the lands in West Lincoln are designated as Agriculture in the Township’s Official Plan.  The Official Plan also provides specific designations for residential, commercial and industrial lands within Smithville, as well as the many Hamlet Areas of the Township of West Lincoln.  The policies promote Smithville as the appropriate location to focus non-agricultural development (new residential, commercial and industrial growth).  Hamlets can accommodate infill growth and development opportunities that serve agriculture.

Official Plan Amendment 15 (OPA #15) received Regional approval in June of 2014, while Official Plan Amendment 21 (OPA 21) was rewritten as a requirement of the Region. OPA 21 was replaced with two Official Plan Amendments, OPA 37 & 38, as part of the swap/exchange process and was approved by Regional Council in June 2014, and came into full force and effect on June 30, 2015.

Consolidated Official Plan – October 2018