Fire & Emergency Services

West Lincoln Fire Hall

Call 9-1-1 for all emergencies requiring the fire department, police or ambulance


West Lincoln Fire and Emergency Services provides emergency response within the Township for the purpose of protecting life, property and the environment.   The Department is equipped and trained to respond to numerous types of emergency situations including structure fires, automobile accidents and medical assistance.

The Department is comprised of a Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief / Fire Prevention Officer and 45 paid on call firefighters.  Fire trucks and firefighters are dispatched from 2 fire stations located within the Township.

Fire Department Headquarters / Station 1 is located at 344 Canborough Street, Smithville.  The following trucks are located at Station 1:

Pump 1
Rescue 1
Aerial 1
Tanker 1
Squad 1

Station 2 is located at 8635 Regional Road 65, Caistor Centre. The following trucks are located at Station 2:

Pump 2
Rescue 2
Tanker 2


New Carbon Monoxide Legislation

Carbon monoxide detectors are now required by law outside of sleeping areas in all homes with fuel-burning appliances, fireplaces or an attached garage. In rental units that have fuel-burning appliances or an attached garage, landlords are required to provide carbon monoxide detectors in service rooms and apartments that share a common wall, floor or ceiling with the service room or attached garage.  Please contact us for more information regarding this new life-safety requirement.

Fire Department Contacts

Dennis Fisher
Fire Chief
(905) 957-6729

Tim Hofsink
Deputy Fire Chief
(905) 957-6733

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