Township Of West Lincoln Council Approves new Corporate Strategic Plan

Respecting Our Roots, Realizing Our Future – Township of West Lincoln Corporate Strategic Plan

A full version of the Corporate Strategic Plan is available here: West Lincoln Strategic Plan

At their December 16, 2019 meeting, the Township of West Lincoln Council approved “Respecting Our Roots, Realizing Our Future,” a new Corporate Strategic Plan that will guide decisions and investments to 2029.

The plan is the result of three months of intensive consultation with Council, residents, the business community and Township employees.  It considers roads, infrastructure, growth, safety, economic opportunity and heritage and lists 25 initiatives under six themes to advance West Lincoln over the next ten years:

  1. Strong Transportation Connections – Building safe, connected and well maintained infrastructure networks.
  2. Support for Business, Opportunities for Residents – Creating a positive image and a community where it is easy to do business.
  3. Strategic, Responsible Growth – Welcoming new residents and businesses and respecting the heritage and rural identity that people value.
  4. Local Attractions – Providing amenities, programs and services that bring the community together.
  5. Community Health and Safety – Fostering a safe community where residents can thrive throughout their lives.
  6. Efficient, Fiscally Responsible Operations – Maintaining a lean organization with innovative approaches and strong asset management.

During the process, the Township heard what needs to keep moving, what needs to improve, and what the community values in West Lincoln. From building safe transportation networks and well-maintained infrastructure to providing quality programs and amenities and continuing to support agricultural roots, the Township’s Strategic Plan is about developing an achievable road map that addresses programs and initiatives that will make the most positive difference in West Lincoln over the next ten years.

A full version of the Corporate Strategic Plan is available here: West Lincoln Strategic Plan

Thank you to members of the community who shared their thought and ideas during the development of the strategic priorities.  We look forward to sharing our progress with you.  Please check for updates.