Water Billing


For all ratepayers on the Municipal water and wastewater system, the Township currently issues quarterly water/wastewater bills. These bills are issued in April, July, October and January. Both water and wastewater charges are comprised of a fixed rate and consumptive rate. The consumptive rate is based on actual water meter readings. Rates are available from the Municipal office upon request, or online using the link below

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Tenant Consent Form

In order to redirect a water bill from the owner to a tenant, the owner(s) of the property must complete the attached Tenant Consent Form.

Water Rates

Financial Plan

In 2007, as part of the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program, the Ministry of the Environment released regulation 453/07 that requires the preparation of a Financial Plan for all Municipal drinking water systems. This Financial Plan includes an analysis of capital and operating costs (present and future), a review of current and future demand versus supply and consideration of available funding sources. The Township of West Lincoln has prepared this Financial Plan in accordance with the regulation and this plan was approved by Council in April 2016.

The Financial Plan can be viewed online by clicking the link below:

 Township of West Lincoln Water and Waste Water Rate Study and Financial Plan No. 077-301

Water Conservation

Please review the following documents files to find ways to reduce your water consumption and lower your water bill.