Information Requested by Candidates

If a candidate has requested information, that information will be shared on the page below.

  • The total number of private dwellings in West Lincoln is 5,054
  • Caistor Centre Road from Sixteen Road to Regional Rd. 65 was resurfaced in the summer of 2015 at a cost of $260,595.47
  • The current remuneration for Mayor is $30,320.88 and Councillors receive $17,998.71 per year.   Currently Members of Council’s salary is 1/3 tax free; however, as of January 1, 2019 this will change and the 1/3 tax free exemption will no longer apply.   Members of Council do receive Group Benefits as per Section 1(c) of the By-law 2016-36 below.    Each Member of Council also have a protocol account of $3000 which can be used as outlined in the POL-F-01-00 below.
  • Budget information and financial reports for the last five years can be found on the Township website by following this link Current tax rate information is available by clicking on the Property Tax icon in the same location.  Once in the Property Tax area, click on “2018 Tax Information and Break-Down” to view the electronic version of the 2018 tax bill insert.
  • Changing your mind – running for a different office – endorsementsYou can only run for one office at a time. If you decide to run for a different office, your first nomination is deemed to be withdrawn when you file your second nomination.Since you submitted 25 endorsement signatures when you filed your first nomination for municipal council, you do not have to submit new endorsement signatures if you withdraw and file a nomination for a different office on the same municipal council. The Regional Chair and Regional Councillor are not considered the same council; therefore, new endorsements would have to be collected and submitted. Similarly, if you have filed your first nomination for a positon on Regional council and you withdraw and file for nomination on the municipal council; new endorsements would have to be collected and submitted. All this must be done by 2:00 p.m. on Nomination Day, July 27, 2018.

RFI-T-23-17 Municpal Officers Tax Free Allowance

POL-F-01-00 Alderman’s Protocol Account Amended by RFD-F-16-04 & RFD-F-33-05)

By-law 2016-36 Council Remuneration

9. (d) ITEM A41-16 RFI-T-08-16 Group Benefits for Members of Council-signed

Current Staffing Levels – August 2018