Breaking News – July 27, 2018:

An announcement by Premier Ford was made on July 27, 2018 regarding amending the Municipal Act and the Municipal Elections Act, including among other things, reversing changes introduced in 2016 that mandated the election of regional chairs, at large, in York, Peel, Niagara and Muskoka Regions. This change would see the system, that was in place prior to 2016, revert back to Regional Council appointing a Regional Chair.

At this point, no legislation has been adopted in this regard; therefore, there will be no change with respect to Nomination Day and nominations will be accepted until 2:00 pm on Friday, July 27, 2018. Further information regarding the above will be shared as we learn more details.

** Information Requested by Candidates **

Municipal Election 2018 Public Notice – Information to Candidates

1. Form 1 and 2 – Nomination and Endorsement Forms

3. (a) Form EL18(a)-Declaration of Qualifications-Council-2018

3. (b) Form EL18(b)-Declaration of Qualifications-School Board-2018

6. Candidate Information Consent Form-2018

7. Form EL14 – Candidate’s Declaration –Proper Use of Voter’s List

8. (a) 2018 Municipal Elections Candidates Guide – MMA

8. (b) Information for Candidates 2018 Election – FINAL

8. (c) (1) Ward 1 Map – Revised

8. (c) (2) Ward 2 Map

8. (c) (3) Ward 3 Map – Revised

8. (c) (4) Ward Polls Map – entire Township – Revised

8. (d) New Election Sign By-law

8. (e) Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes Policy POL-ADMIN-01-2018

8. (f) Vote Tabulating Instructions – 2018

8. (g) Preliminary Certificate of Maximum Campaign Expenses (as of Sept 12, 2014)

8. (k) Candidates Guide to Accessible Elections – AMCTO & Ontario

8. (l) Memo to Financial Institutions

8. (m) Third Party Advertising Fact Sheet

8. (n) Candidate Campaign Finance (Refresher) Sessions

8. (o) AMO So You Want to Run for Council Course Information


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