Zoning By-Law

All lands within the Township are subject to the regulations provided in the Township Zoning By-law. The Zoning By-law regulates the use of land throughout the Township and for example, more specifically, states:

  • How land may be used;
  • Where buildings and structures can be located on a lot;
  • The types of buildings and structures that are permitted and how they may be used;
  • How and when the Minimum Distance Separation Calculation (separation of livestock barns and houses and other non-agricultural uses) will be implemented; and
  • The number of parking and loading spaces, in addition to other amenities.

The purpose of the Zoning By-law is to implement the policies of the Official Plan. The regulations found in the Zoning By-law are more specific than those found in the Official Plan. The Zoning By-law provides a legally enforceable way of implementing the Official Plan and managing land use and future development.

The Township’s current zoning by-law is Zoning By-law 79-14. Copies can be purchased or viewed at the Township office, or reviewed online.


Official Rezoning Brochure

POL-PD-01-16 – Garden suites

Draft Zoning By-Law 

The Township began the process of updating our Master Comprehensive Zoning By-law in 2013.  This process will create an entirely new Zoning By-law for the Township.  Three Public Open Houses were held in September, 2015 and the formal Public Meeting under the Planning Act was held in October, 2015.  Staff are currently reviewing public and agency comments with our consultants, GSP Group.  A draft of the proposed new Zoning By-law can be found at the link below.

Draft Zoning By-Law Final – June 22, 2017

West Lincoln Draft OPA – Zoning By-Law Housekeeping