Notice of Public Meeting and Open Houses – New Zoning By Law


Get involved with your input. The Township of West Lincoln will hold Public Open Houses and a Public Meeting in accordance with the Planning Act, to provide an opportunity for public input in relation to a proposed new Comprehensive Zoning By-law. Details of these sessions are below: 

PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE #1 – Caistor  

DATE:  Tuesday, September 22,   2015

TIME:   4:00 PM TO 8:00 P.M.

Caistor Community Centre, Abingdon, 9184 Regional Road 20

PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE #2 – Wellandport

DATE:  Thursday, September 24,   2015

TIME:   4:00 PM TO 8:00 P.M.

Wellandport Community Hall, 5042 Regional Road 63 (Canborough Road)


PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE #3 – Smithville

DATE:  Tuesday, September 29,   2015

TIME:   4:00 PM TO 8:00 P.M.

Council Chambers, Township Office, 318 Canborough Street, Smithville

Purpose and effect of proposed by-law The Planning Act requires a municipality to update its zoning by-law within three  years of revising the Official Plan. The Township has recently completed an Official Plan update, and the zoning by-law must conform with the revised Official Plan. The purpose and effect of the new Comprehensive Zoning By-law is to repeal and replace the current zoning by-law 79-14 which was passed in 1979, and all other zoning by- laws now in effect within the Township. The new Comprehensive Zoning By-law will:

• Address provincial requirements

• Implement the Regional and Local Official Plans

• Replace the current zoning by-law with an updated, user-friendly and streamlined zoning by-law

• Update defined terms, general provisions, parking standards and provide new zone categories

• Reduce exceptions / special provisions

• Include new mapping

Land affected

The new Comprehensive Zoning By-law will apply to all land within the Township of West Lincoln. For this reason, a map is not provided with this notice illustrating the land affected by the by-law. How to provide comment Any person may attend the Public Open Houses and the Public Meeting to provide written or verbal representation regarding the proposed by-law. No registration is required to attend these sessions. Written submissions will be accepted by the Township Clerk, Carolyn Langley up to TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2015.

At the Public Open Houses, information will be available on display for public review with Municipal staff and the project consultants present for discussion and questions. There will be no formal presentation or meeting of Township Council at the Open Houses. At the Public Meeting, a presentation will be given by the project consultants followed by an opportunity for questions and comments by the Planning/Building/ Environmental Committee and the public.

Important information about making a submission If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Township of West Lincoln Planning/Building/ Environmental Committee before the bylaw is passed, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Council of the Township of West Lincoln to the Ontario Municipal Board.

If a person or public body does not make oral submission at a public meeting,  or make written submissions to the Township of West Lincoln Planning/Building/ Environmental Committee before the bylaw is passed, the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to do so.

Other applications For a complete list of active Planning Applications within the Township, please consult the Township of West Lincoln Website.

For more information Additional information and material about the proposed by-law is available for viewing during regular office hours at: Planning Department 318 Canborough Street, Smithville Call: 905-957-3346 E-mail: Website: Copies of the proposed draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law will be available on or before MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2015.

If you would like to be notified of Township Council’s decision with resect to the proposed by-law, you must make a written request to:

Carolyn Langley Township of West Lincoln, 318 Canborough Street, Smithville, ON L0R 2A0 

West Lincoln Draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law 09.15

List of Active Planning Files 09.15

Draft Zoning Maps 09.22