The Planning & Development Division of the Planning & Development and Building & By-law Department is responsible for policy planning and development review in the Township.

The Township’s Official Plan, Zoning By-law, the development application review process and the Committee of Adjustment are also under the umbrella of the Planning & Development Division. The goal of the department is to help the community grow and develop while enhancing the social, economic and environmental aspects of the community.

Our planning services include:

  • Policy planning;
  • Administering and reviewing development applications such as:
    • Subdivisions and Condominiums;
    • Land Severances
    • Site Plans
  • Assessing and recommending appropriate land use changes in accordance with our Official Plan and Zoning By-law;
  • Considering requests for Minor Variances;
  • Regulating land use (zoning compliance);  Please Note:  Zoning Compliance documents require a ten day processing period from the date of receipt of a request.
  • Special projects (Community Improvement Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, etc.)

Information Brochures

Official Consent brochure

Official Minor Variance Brochure

Official Rezoning Brochure

Official Site Plan Brochure


Planning Fees

By-law 2015-35 Planning Fees


Planning Applications

1. Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment Application (09.16)

2. Subdivision & Condominium Application 09.16

3. Site Plan Control Approval 09.16

4. Exemption From Part-Lot Control – Application 09.16