2019 Strategic Plan

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Respecting Our Roots, Realizing Our Future: Township of West Lincoln Corporate Strategic Plan

In 2019 the Township of West Lincoln is building a strategic plan that considers strategic growth, transportation, economic development and fiscal responsibility while maintaining the small town character and rural identity that residents value.

From now until December 2019, the Township is prioritizing projects, programs, investments and community partnerships based on the following issues:

  • Responsible, Strategic Growth – How can West Lincoln grow successfully, maintaining the small town character and rural identity that residents value?

  • Economic Development – How can we support our existing industries and welcome new industries, creating more opportunities for residents?

  • Strong Transportation Connections – How can we help residents move safely and efficiently through our community?

  • Local Attractions – How can we support more activities and destinations for residents and visitors?

  • Community Health and Safety – How do we strengthen our reputation as a safe and caring community?

  • Efficient, Fiscally Responsible Operations – What is the Township doing right and what could we do better to provide responsive service to our residents?

 Which of these issues is most important to you and your family? Do you have any ideas that would make West Lincoln successful? Please tell us using the form below and encourage your friends and neighbours to contribute before November 6.

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